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LMS - LCMS - Authoring Tools

Berlin, August 2005 – Time has passed and learning management systems (LMS) have evolved into complex applications dealing with wider issues now than the mere distribution of eLearning courses to a user base. In fact it could be said that an LMS does not necessarily need to deploy eLearning courses to deserve its name.

An average LMS can now deal with the management of all processes related to training delivery in an organization. This ranges from complex enrolment procedures, through mapping of role-specific competency profiles against a user’s actual competence, to the scheduling and management of physical rooms, tutors, and resources (online and off). Often a facility for either synchronous or asynchronous communication - or both - between students and tutors is also included.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations that just want to develop and deploy eLearning courses to find a platform that suits their needs. This applies anywhere where learning does not occur as part of a structured, well planned, approved personnel development strategy but instead is seen as an inherent part of the working process. Managing the continuous life cycle of creating, deploying, and maintaining mission-critical knowledge resources clearly demands another type of system.

This is particularly so since the one thing Learning Management Systems don’t help you with is the development of learning content - a task that for a long time was left to scores of young programmers who were putting together courses on a page-by-page basis in pure HTML and java script, all using their unique genius and style of programming.

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