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Eedo Knowledgeware Announces Third Generation Rapid Authoring and Dynamic Delivery Solution

Eedo Knowledgeware Announces Third Generation Rapid Authoring and Dynamic Delivery Solution

Eedo ForceTen 3.0 helps learning developers and business experts create and share learning and knowledge across the enterprise.

Nashua, N.H., November 16, 2004 -- Eedo Knowledgeware, an organization recognized for its products and expertise in helping businesses transform knowledge into productivity, today announced the next generation of its flagship product, Eedo ForceTen 3.0. ForceTen 3.0 is a significant advancement for Eedo’s award-winning product suite enabling organizations to drive business results through a holistic approach to learning content management, rapid authoring, assessment, knowledge sharing and performance support. ForceTen 3.0 has unique and innovative capabilities to address the needs of businesses and learning organizations challenged with creating, managing and sharing knowledge critical to performance across today’s volatile business environment.

Eedo ForceTen 3.0 has significantly extended its capabilities to aggregate, rapidly author, and dynamically deliver learning products and critical knowledge throughout an enterprise. Learning assets can be easily contextualized into multiple languages, or for a specific business environment. Organizations can realize significant economies with collaborative development, and can dynamically update entire learning programs, or components of learning assets in minutes or hours. Through the Knowledge Sharing Facility of ForceTen 3.0, organizations can share critical knowledge, best practices, and locate experts across an enterprise via communities of practice and threaded discussions. Flexible delivery options, including a new Offline Player capability, enable rapid access to important, contextualized learning resources and knowledge, anytime and anywhere.

“Through its ability to rapidly develop and localize our dynamic learning programs, as well as its portal customization capability, ForceTen 3.0 will help us achieve even greater return on investment as we expand our learning program into new global markets.” says Training Architect, Sumeet Khanna, of Dell Inc.

“With ForceTen 3.0 we have made significant headway in aggregating and managing content from many sources, including the top commercial off-the-shelf content providers” says John Hudson, President and CEO of Eedo Knowledgeware. “ForceTen has been embraced as a rapid authoring tool and learning content management solution by industry leading LMS companies including KnowledgePlanet, THINQ, Pathlore, TTG, Plateau and others.”

About Eedo Knowledgeware

Eedo Knowledgeware is the leading provider of business solutions and software tools enabling organizations to transform knowledge into productivity. Eedo has helped the world’s most successful organizations implement practical knowledge management strategies in order to maximize performance. Eedo offers a set of powerful, adaptable and easy-to-use tools for business people and learning experts, addressing practical knowledge management requirements including; learning content management, rapid authoring, assessment, knowledge sharing and performance support. Eedo’s award winning products are utilized in a broad range of industries and enterprises such as Dell, Convergys, Agilent and Lufthansa. Eedo is privately held, with offices in the U.S.A., Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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