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WBT Systems brengt versie 7.2 uit van haar e-learning suite TopClass.

WBT Systems, one of the leading providers of Enterprise e-Learning solutions, announced the release of Version 7.2 of its award-winning TopClass e-Learning Suite. The new release introduces advanced testing capabilities to the TopClass Learning Content Management System (LCMS) and Compliance Management Suites. Additionally this latest releases also improves rapid content publishing with enhanced features such as multi-lingual spell checking and improves SCORM standards support.

TopClass 7.2 adds support for unique assessment workflow requirements that are vital in regulated industries such as Financial Services where defensible audits of assessments taken by employees are required for regulated job roles.

According to Duncan Lennox, Chief Technology Officer of WBT Systems, “Effective and flexible management of student assessment, and fine grained reporting and contol of the quality of those assessments are vital components of a fully auditable compliance workflow. With these enhancements, TopClass is firmly positioned as the market leading solution for regulated industries.”

The comprehensive assessment capability within TopClass allows pools of questions to be created, assembled, distributed, and reused across multiple student assessments. Additionally, tests themselves are implemented as learning objects and may be reused across multiple courses. The new advanced features allow organisations to guarantee the credentials of the individual sitting exams through the use of digital PIN codes. It also allows for the distribution of questions across multiple sub categories of question groupings (e.g. 2 from anti-money laundering, 2 from best practice). This allows pre-testing of the exam in practice mode and time restricting capability though the use of countdown timers and maximum attempts restrictions.

The enhanced testing engine includes:

A “practice” or “try out” mode which can be enabled on a per-exercise basis.
New question types including multiple fill-in-the-blank, text, numeric, drop down and drag-and-drop question types.
A countdown timer which can be set to limit how much time is allowed to complete a test on a per-exercise basis. An optional pause facility is also available.
Feedback on correct and incorrect answers in practice mode.
The ability to specify mandatory and optional confidence levels for every question thus allowing students to indicate how confident they are about individual answers. In this way, organisations can assess the effectiveness of questions.
Automatic submission of exercises when the time limit has been reached
Ability to skip questions or review questions for each exercise attempt.
Selection process to allow hierarchy grouping of questions pools
PIN protection for exercises, which are configurable on a per-user basis, and the requirement to authenticate them on a per-exercise basis and support 21CFR11 digital signature compliance.
In addition to the significant enhancements to the testing and survey environment, other key areas of the TopClass e-Learning suite have also been improved including:

A spell checking facility in TopClass Publisher which supports US English, UK English, French and German languages.
Support for both client-side JavaScript and Java SCORM runtime support, allowing customers the flexibility to chose which mechanism is most appropriate for their environment.

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