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x.hlp and Enlight join forces

OSLO, NORWAY – March 29, 2004 x.hlp Technologies, (“x.hlp”), an international software corporation that delivers an elearning suite to accelerate the adoption of business-critical software applications across the enterprise and Enlight – Europe’s largest provider of online solutions for testing and certification have signed a Letter of Intent to merge. The new unit, trading under the Enlight name, will continue to be listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (ENLI B).
Enlight will be the leading provider of global solutions for Knowledge Assurance. The company will have customers in 60 countries, be used for national certification programs in 15 countries, and have delivered more than 7 million tests in over 3000 test centers. It will have own subsidiaries in the US, Germany, the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Sweden.

The merger follows an increased demand for testing and certification among large organizations in the public and private sectors. “Our existing x.hlp customers already ask for professional testing and certification solutions, and we have several joint customer projects underway with Enlight” says x.hlp CEO Oyvind Lundgreen. Further, the broad range of organizations using Enlight’s tests as part of IT system rollout projects will get access to the rollout training solutions from x.hlp. States Oyvind Lundgreen:

“This takes us to a whole new level. We will be a stronger, closer and more complete partner for all our existing customers, and will be a natural first choice for a range of new organizations” Covering six European and countries the US directly will allow the new Enlight to enhance the local support of multinational customers. Further, cost savings in administration and infrastructure resulting from the merger can be leveraged into an increased pace of product development. The merger is expected to be complete end April following approval from the respective general assemblies of the two companies.
Enlight’s solutions are often part of larger multinational projects including many different vendors. Here, Enlight has a unique and complementary position as provider of Knowledge Assurance solutions. The new Enlight will now be an even more appropriate partner to international System Integrators, Training Providers, Professional Service firms and System Vendors.

The CEO of the combined entity will be x.hlp’s CEO Oyvind Lundgreen. Before joining x.hlp, Lundgreen was Vice President and General Manager for the LMS vendor Docent in Europe, Middle East and Africa. He also spent 8 years with Apple Computer, running their Claris / Filemaker subsidiary in the UK and Nordics.

Background information

About Knowledge Assurance
Enlight’s solutions for Knowledge Assurance makes knowledge gaps visible, prevents losses due to lack of knowledge, and improves the efficiency of training programs. This is achieved by providing tools for online testing, certification, competence management and IT system rollout training. A typical customer would use Knowledge Assurance tools from Enlight, in combination with training provided by the customer itself or by third party training providers.

The demand for Knowledge Assurance and quality assurance in learning is rising across all sectors of the economy, including financial services, telecom, manufacturing, technology, health and education. The demand is driven by the increased pace of vocational training needed to master new tools, products, systems and job roles, by increased emphasis on regulatory compliance and security, and by increasing need for proof of impact and return on training investments.

About Enlight (before merger with x.hlp)

Enlight is the largest European provider of online solutions for testing and certification. Over 7 million tests have been taken in more than 60 countries in over 3000 Test Centres using Enlight´s solutions, and Enlight has offices in Sweden, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Enlight was founded in 1993, and is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Enlight’s mission is to inspire and simplify your personal and professional development by providing online solutions for quality assured learning.

Enlight serves the whole spectrum of public sector customers, including the United Nations, the European Commission, the British Government, as well as ministries, regional and local government across Europe. Further, Enlight serves a range of corporations in financial services, manufacturing, telecom and software sectors. Enlight currently provides nationwide certification solutions in Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Vietnam and Canada.

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About x.hlp Technologies (before merger with Enlight)

x.hlp is an international software corporation that focuses on enterprise software application training. Organizations use our software to create, deploy, manage, and track interactive training and performance support for their employees and their customers.
Established in 1996, x.hlp products are now used worldwide by organizations within the Financial, Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Consumer Products industries, and by both State and Local Government. Worldwide clients include ABN AMRO, Colgate-Palmolive, Diageo, ING, NATO, US Army, Shell, and T-Mobile.
x.hlp simplifies the production, deployment and management of effective learning content that accelerates the adoption of business-critical software applications across the enterprise. Fully customizable, x.hlp solutions can be seamlessly integrated into organizations’ existing e-learning infrastructure such as industry standards compliant Learning Management Systems.
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