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Universiteit van Cambridge kiest Peoplesoft voor nieuw studentinformatiesysteem

PeopleSoft maakt bekend dat de universiteit van Cambridge kiest voor PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Solutions als platform voor het studentinformatiesysteem CamSIS. Het doel is te voorzien in een geïntegreerde aanpak van alle administratieve activiteiten en hiermee te voldoen aan de eisen van de universiteit, colleges, academische departementen, personeel en studenten. Cambridge kiest voor PeopleSoft als basis voor een geïntegreerd 'real-time' systeem dat de administratieve voortgang van de studenten, in alle fases die zij doorlopen aan de universiteit, bewaakt. De universiteit bestaat uit 150 verschillende departementen en heeft ongeveer 30.000 studenten.

Het volledige Engelstalige persbericht vindt u hieronder.

PeopleSoft selected by the University of Cambridge as the backbone for new student information system

Leading university focuses on the student experience in the competitive higher education sector

Reading, UK - 28th October, 2003 - PeopleSoft Inc. (Nasdaq: PSFT) today announced that the University of Cambridge has selected PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Solutions as the platform for its student information system (CamSIS) to provide a more efficient service to its staff and students.

The University of Cambridge is one of the oldest universities in the world and one of the largest in the United Kingdom. It has a world-wide reputation for outstanding academic achievement in both teaching and research. The University comprises over 150 departments within the faculties and schools and has just under 30,000 graduate and undergraduate students currently registered in its 31 Colleges.

Higher education has become extremely competitive, both in the UK and internationally, as institutions work to attract the world's best students for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The University of Cambridge holds a leading position and in order to preserve this leadership, needs to ensure that it has administrative systems for staff and student support that are of a similar standard.

The University has selected the PeopleSoft product as the basis for an integrated, real-time system covering the administrative progression of students through all stages of their relationship with the University. The aim is to provide a seamless, integrated approach to all administrative processes to meet the requirements of the University, Colleges, academic departments, staff and students.

Within Cambridge, several systems are maintained, each with different formats of data and records - some still paper-based. CamSIS will be capable of maintaining appropriate information regarding students, including admissions, course registrations, progress and financial aid, in one place. This will offer the opportunity to interact with the College systems, potentially providing a single, real-time view of students and their university lifecycle. This will enable administrative processes to become more efficient and speed up responses to student requests for information.

"Many of our student administration processes are very much paper-based and the systems we currently have do not integrate very well with each other. These issues combined mean we are unable to service requests for information from staff and students efficiently," said a University Spokesman. "CamSIS will provide facilities for staff and students to access and update the information they need, with suitable levels of security and with the ability to do it from a web browser whenever it is convenient to them. This is part of our strategy to make the administrative activities of the University very much more a service to the Academic community."

Crosbie Burns, vice president and managing director, PeopleSoft UK and Ireland, said: "Higher education is becoming more parallel to the business world and institutions have now begun to adopt business practices. They are seeking the same functionality, such as real-time availability of information and return on investment opportunities, in an attempt to make their offering seem more attractive to prospective students. CamSIS will provide the University of Cambridge with administration and management best-practices taken from PeopleSoft's experience in business and will enable the University to meet its objective of providing a single integrated student information system.

We have translated our market-leading experience from the US and into a model relevant to the UK marketplace. This is the first project of its kind for PeopleSoft in the UK and firmly establishes Cambridge's technological and thought-leadership."

Notes to Editors

The University is required to provide statutory returns and reporting to external higher education bodies such as the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) and to exchange electronic data with the University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). CamSIS will provide Cambridge with the ability to deliver these requirements more efficiently and provide a more accurate representation of University data.

The internet-based architecture of PeopleSoft Learning Solutions means that CamSIS will be accessible to staff and students from any computer on the University's network, via an internet portal, and does not require physical deployment of software clients on computers across each of the university's sites.

The University of Cambridge conducted a thorough evaluation of various vendors, over a two-year period. PeopleSoft Learning Solutions was selected as the only vendor capable of meeting the University's criteria, predominantly web browser client, rich functionality, strict security set-up, customisation ability and integration capabilities.

The modules which Cambridge University are implementing for CamSIS include Enterprise Portal, Community Access, Community Directory, Learner Services, Learning Management and Student Administration. It is expected that the first phase will be completed by mid-2005.

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