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Saba Publisher 4.0

The leading provider of human capital development and management (HCDM) solutions, today introduced Saba Publisher 4.0, the latest release of Saba's content creation and publishing tool, and a component of Saba's learning content management system (LCMS). Saba Publisher now features a new free-form method for creating questions and tests, and the ability to create custom forms for data collection. Saba Publisher also allows users to integrate and assemble Macromedia Flash animations into their learning content - without Flash expertise - to provide a richer learning experience. Organizations use Saba Publisher to assemble and publish compelling e-learning content, while saving time and money by reusing content.

Saba Publisher makes it easy for subject matter experts to create and publish e-learning content that supports e-learning standards such as AICC or SCORM, without the need for programming skills. It also helps users save time and money by repurposing existing content instead of throwing it away. Tight integration with Saba Content allows users to save Saba Publisher content into the learning object repository and search the repository for content to import into Saba Publisher. Additionally, users can take advantage of the test-building capabilities in Saba Publisher to create questions using wizards and assemble them into tests. With these capabilities, organizations can dramatically accelerate the knowledge sharing process, which is critical to achieving business objectives.

Leading companies such as Schering-Plough and Alcatel are using Saba Publisher as their tool of choice for worldwide e-learning curriculum development. According to Jo-Ann Killinger, director of technical-product training for Alcatel University-USA, "We are using Saba Publisher to produce curricula around the globe, so we can share templates and reusable content across the internal development community. With Saba Publisher 4.0, we have greater embedded simulation capabilities as well as improvements in the modular design of course content."

Bobby Yazdani, Saba's president and COO, said, "Unlike other proprietary tools, Saba Publisher makes it incredibly easy for non-technical subject-matter experts to share their knowledge through standards-complaint e-learning content. As a key element of the Saba Enterprise Learning Suite, our customers can use Saba Publisher to develop the required knowledge and skills across the extended enterprise of employees, customers, partners and suppliers."

New features in Saba Publisher 4.0 include:

Free-form method for creating questions and tests to enable authors to design the presentation of each question and include a wide range of multimedia. This feature helps organizations specify the look and feel of tests, optimize usability and create more compelling content.
New ability for authors to drop "print" buttons throughout content pages. This allows learners to print selected pages when viewing content.
Digital form creation for collecting data, such as enrollments or requests for information, to help authors store useful data. Form support also enables drag- and-drop text fields, radio buttons, check boxes, pick lists and drop-down menus.
Integration with Qarbon simulation tools to allow authors to easily integrate with Flash-based simulations produced using Qarbon ViewletBuilder. This feature helps authors easily create compelling learning content.

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