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Nieuwe producten x.hlp technologies

July 01, 2003

x.hlp Technologies, an international software corporation that delivers an elearning suite to accelerate the adoption of business-critical software applications across the enterprise, today announced the introduction of the x.hlp Assistant alongside additional new functionality within the x.hlp Adaptive Learning Suite.
The new x.hlp Assistant product enables an organization to deploy any suitable materials that will aid users of mission-critical software applications right where it is needed most – within the application itself. The x.hlp Assistant minimizes support desk calls and improves employee time-on-task. Users simply invoke help when they encounter difficulties and content is provided based upon the area of the screen where they are working. The x.hlp Assistant does not require access to the system itself and permits organizations to quickly and easily create their own customized help systems for all of their major systems without the need for programmers or systems integration specialists.

The introduction of the x.hlp Assistant accompanies the following enhancements to other elements of the x.hlp Adaptive Learning Suite:

Show Me simulation functionality to create passive demonstrations of software, in addition to the fully interactive settings previously available.
Multiple Trigger simulation settings to permit multiple scenarios for users to complete tasks within a simulation or test.
Increased x.hlp Guide capabilities to permit content cross-linking, automated generation of user navigation functions, and overall electronic performance support system enhancements.
Other enhancements include: More flexible LMS publishing, support for the OGG-Vorbis sound file format, case sensitive reply text behavior, and additional content styles and templates.
To compliment this new product and these new features, x.hlp has also launched a portfolio of service products. These x.hlp services comprise technical, training, and consulting services to support users of the x.hlp Adaptive Learning Suite.
The x.hlp Adaptive Learning Suite allows the rapid creation of media-rich, interactive, learning object-based training courses and testing. The x.hlp Adaptive Learning Suite also re-uses learning objects to create a powerful performance support system that allows users to quickly access post-training support content while actually working within an application. In addition, the x.hlp Adaptive Learning Suite provides learner tracking or automated integration to existing Learning Management Systems following the AICC and ADL SCORM standards. For more information visit

About x.hlp
x.hlp is an international software corporation that focuses on enterprise software application training. Organizations use our software to create, deploy, manage, and track interactive training and performance support for their employees and their customers.

Because our software is so easy to use and implement, our customers can begin to deliver on-line training in 48 hours or less, guaranteed, making our product ideal for those deadline-driven enterprise application rollouts. What’s more, our product and implementation process generates a positive ROI tied directly to business results.

Established in 1996, x.hlp products are now used worldwide by organizations within the Financial, Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Consumer Products industries, and by both State and Local Government. Our worldwide clients include ABN AMRO, Colgate-Palmolive, Diageo, NATO, US Army, Shell, and T-Mobile.

x.hlp simplifies the production, deployment and management of effective learning content that accelerates the adoption of business-critical software applications across the enterprise. Fully customizable, x.hlp solutions can be seamlessly integrated into organizations’ existing e-learning infrastructure such as industry standards compliant Learning Management Systems. For more information visit our website at

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