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x.hlp Clients Report Dramatic ROI for Call Center Implementations

x.hlp Clients Report Dramatic ROI for Call Center Implementations

T-Mobile Reports Reduction in Call Center-Based CRM Users’ Time-To-Productivity by 50% with award winning x.hlp solution. Rabobank Reports Reduction in IT Help Desk Calls and Increased Employee Access To Online Help.

OSLO, NORWAY — April 28, 2003 – x.hlp Technologies, an international software corporation that delivers an elearning suite to accelerate the adoption of business-critical software applications across the enterprise, today announced the dramatic ROI experiences of two clients’ call center implementations of the x.hlp Adaptive Learning Suite.

Øyvind Lundgreen, x.hlp Worldwide CEO, “We have always encouraged our clients to measure the impact of their x.hlp implementation and we have previously reported the tremendous cost savings realized by DnB within just one month, the dramatic reductions in training content deployment timescales of Printronix, and the rapid implementation and time-to-productivity experience of ABN-AMRO. We are extremely proud of our customers’ success stories and we are delighted when we have the opportunity to showcase their experiences to share best practice with organizations that face similar challenges to those addressed successfully by our clients.”

Jan Marten Sijtsema is a member of the management team of Desktopbedrijf of Rabofacet, the IT Company of Rabobank, the largest financial services provider in the Dutch market. Rabofacet provides help and assistance to over 7,500 users of Rabobank’s many software applications. Jan describes the impact that x.hlp software has had upon the IT Help Desk, “Since the x.hlp Simulations and x.hlp Guides have been placed on our Virtual Service Desk, the number of hits to this area of our intranet has increased by over 50%. At the same time the number of calls to our telephone help desk has decreased. What’s more, with x.hlp we are now capable of supplying external clients with interactive information and, without too much extra effort, inform our newly hired staff of existing Rabobank procedures, processes, and company specific applications that support these processes.”

Hanny de Graaff is the Training & Information Manager for T-Mobile Netherlands. Hanny’s team is responsible for the creation, delivery and ongoing development of all systems-based, communications, and product-focused training for 900 call center professionals. “Historically, new hire orientation sessions concerning our CRM system have taken us a whole day of classroom instruction. Now, through the delivery of content produced using x.hlp, we have reduced this training time to a mere 4 hours. When we factor in the improvements we have made in delivery and development time, and couple this with the reductions in training time per employee, x.hlp has enabled us to be more agile and more effective than our previous methods of initial and ongoing training would allow.”

In addition, at the annual National Contact Center Awards 2003, T–Mobile Customer Services saw their nomination rewarded with the Bronze Award in the “In-house contact centers with more than 80 seats” category for their case study detailing their use of x.hlp.

Lundgreen adds, “We congratulate T-Mobile on their award and we are delighted at the successes realized by both T-Mobile and Rabobank. At x.hlp we recognize that our success is contingent upon the successes of our clients and the ROI stories that we have highlighted today demonstrate the clear value of our product suite when applied to a call center environment.”

The x.hlp Adaptive Learning Suite allows the rapid creation of media-rich, interactive, learning object-based training courses and testing. The x.hlp Adaptive Learning Suite also re-uses learning objects to create a powerful performance support system that allows users to quickly access post-training support content. In addition, the x.hlp Adaptive Learning Suite provides automated integration to Learning Management Systems, following the AICC and ADL SCORM standards. For more information visit

About T-Mobile Netherlands
In the Netherlands, T-Mobile has 1.5 million customers (February 2003). T-Mobile is providing products and services for consumers as well as business customers. T-Mobile Netherlands is partner in sport of NOC*NSF. This way T-Mobile supports the Dutch Olympic team on its way to the Summer Olympics in Athens. Furthermore T-Mobile Netherlands is sponsoring the upcoming TMF Awards and the Dutch concerts of the Rolling Stones Forty Licks Tour 2003.

T-Mobile International (a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom) is one of the largest international mobile operators. Today Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile International serve almost 82 million mobile customers worldwide.

About Rabobank
The Rabobank Group is a cooperative organization, comprised of approximately 350 independent local Rabobanks in the Netherlands. Together they form the cooperative organization Rabobank Netherlands, which advises the local banks and supports its provision of services.

The Rabobank Group wants to serve its 9 million clients, comprised of both individuals and companies, with all possible financial products. For this purpose it has a number of specialized companies or brands.

About x.hlp
x.hlp is an international software corporation that focuses on enterprise software application training. Organizations use our software to create, deploy, manage, and track interactive training and performance support for their employees and their customers.

Established in 1996, x.hlp products are now used worldwide by organizations within the Financial, Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Consumer Products industries, and by both State and Local Government. Our worldwide clients include ABN AMRO, Colgate-Palmolive, Diageo, NATO, US Army, Shell, and T-Mobile.

x.hlp simplifies the production, deployment and management of effective learning content that accelerates the adoption of business-critical software applications across the enterprise. Fully customizable, x.hlp solutions can be seamlessly integrated into organizations’ existing e-learning infrastructure such as industry standards compliant Learning Management Systems. For more information visit our website at

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