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CRM en Call Centers tonen interesse in e-learning toepassingen

Last week, I attended the Call Center and CRM Conference in Las Vegas. It was fascinating to walk around and talk with the operation managers of major call centers and the coordinators of Customer Relationship
Management (CRM) efforts. For the most part, they did NOT see a natural connection between their missions and the e-Learning field.

However, as we met and talked about the role of Learning with customers, I found some of the most enthusiastic responses that I have ever had with a group. Here is the idea that we were creating:

The Call Center as a natural dispensing point for a wide range of customer Learning resources! At the end of every call from a customer to a call center, whether it is for technical assistance, transaction support or other requirements, there is an opportunity for DISPENSING e-Learning. Right now, the bulk of the dialogue occurs verbally, with an occasional follow-up by email or to a link on the web.

But, what if the Call Center Representative could LAUNCH an e-Learning
module to the customer? So, instead of being "walked thru" a procedure, the user would have a step by step learning module, that could linger and be used for future support. These modules could either be procedural or conceptual, and would walk the talk of that proverb:

"Better to teach you how to fish rather than give you a fish!"

In addition, the CRM field also is a perfect point to integrate learning resources. The sales rep or sales center can use e-Learning or Collaborative technologies to extend the relationship with the customer.

The MASIE Center believes the CUSTOMER LEARNING is a strong part of the
future of how learning serves the need of organizations. While we have
seen the bulk of e-Learning action focused on the training of employees, there is a parallel and often larger opportunity to supply learning to customers.

When I met late4r with a group of the Vendors in the CRM and Call Center field, they were very excited about extending their products and services into this area. Some key players are already developing major efforts and building the infrastructure for Customer Learning.

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Van goharik | 13-11-2010
Van goharik | 13-11-2010
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