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Cinop presenteert op OEB 2009

Cinop presenteert 'Competence-Based B-Learning at the Dutch Tax and Customs Organisation: Active and Innovative Learning of Vocational Competences' tijdens OEB 2009.


From 2005 the centre of knowledge and communication of  the Dutch Tax and Customs organization (B/CKC) uses new educational concepts for internal education of company workers. For company workers it’s difficult to transfer theory into their job. What they need is competence based education to optimize not only their knowledge but also their skills and professional attitude.


The project

In this project dept recovery education at the Dutch Tax and Customs organization is developed and implemented. Education for  company workers is difficult to organize, due to private obligations, work obligations and too long journey etc. Besides the traditional learning concepts aren’t flexible enough for company workers to participate only on the required modules (tailor-made). A combination of for instance learning on the job, self study, online learning and face to face sessions is believed to be the most appropriate learning. An innovative blended learning (b-learning) concept for competence learning ensures that company workers learn exactly where they need on a flexible way. Besides, b-learning is known for its pedagogical richness, easy access to knowledge, social interaction, and personal agency of the student, cost effectiveness and ease of revision.



The pedagogical model used in this education is competence based and takes several learning styles into account. Elements of our b-learning approch are:

           Online learning material in a Learning Management System (LMS) with references to statute books and other relevant literacy.

           Authentic cases and practically oriented assignments to develop vocational skills.

           Online platform to share assignments, peer review, exchange experience, feedback, online teaching and coaching on study skills.

           Interactive face to face sessions to discuss about the content, cases and feedback of the tutor.

           Training period to stimulate the company workers to work on authentic tasks and to learn of colleagues.


The b-learning concept demands another way of teaching.  By means of a ‘train-the-trainers‘ concept tutors are trained in the use of the model and online coaching of participants. Tutors need to learn how  to give feedback and monitor the forum (non directive style of teaching). On other hand tutors have to use a more directive style to monitor study skills depending on the learning level of the participants.This training can easily be adapted for other target groups.



The online platform has a central role in this education. It has been used to prepare participants to face to face sessions. Results of assignments are posted on the online platform, participants and tutors were actively reacting on each other on the platform; feedback, questions, interesting information and personal experiences were shared. The recovery workers have developed vocational and study competences. They have approached colleagues to learn how to manage their work in practice. Each student has used his own method (literacy, LMS, intranet, colleagues, courses in practice, platform) to develop competences just in time and place. The company workers will be better prepared on their job in less time!


The presentation includes:

           A description of the business case with innovative features;

           A description of the extensive analysis of the customer’s request;

           The results of the evaluation of the project;

           A notion to the statements of the customer, participants, teachers and other involved.


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Van Jannika | 11-05-2011
Very true! Makes a change to see somonee spell it out like that. :)
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