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WBT Systems Delivers Industry"s Most Advanced Mobile e-Learning Solution with TopClass Mobile 6

Dublin, Ireland - May 10th, 2002 – it is one of the challenges of the e-Learning industry that access to an intranet or the World Wide Web gives e-Learning programmes tremendous immediacy, scope and impact, and yet, in certain situations, learners may not have network access at the time required. TopClass Mobile was built to provide learners access to their e-Learning material when access to a network or dial-in connection is not available.

However, TopClass Mobile is more than a simple offline content delivery tool. It was designed to provide the full functionality of TopClass, but at the same time be easy to install, easy to use and allow learners to re-synchronise their progress with the server once a network connection is re-established.

Many WBT Systems customers achieve considerable success by using TopClass Mobile as part of their overall e-Learning strategy. At Liberty Group, sales agents were provided with access to Mobile to ensure they received training about new products, even if they tend to be out working on the road. "Since agents do not need a network connection to access training, and are not tied to a traditional classroom environment, they can continue to sell", said Linda van der Loo, of Liberty Group"s e-Learning Centre of Excellence. "With TopClass we have reduced training time by half and increased our sales by 20%." she added.
"While some e-Learning vendors offer a tool which allows learners to access material while offline, they tend to be almost completely separate products." said Duncan Lennox, CTO of WBT Systems. "The real differentiator of TopClass Mobile is that it can provide all the great content delivery functionality of a full-blown LCMS product like TopClass. Although the learner is accessing the material offline, we at WBT Systems do not believe that the learning experience should be sacrificed in any way. It is critical that these learning experiences are as effective as those taken online, as the people being trained are often the organisation"s representatives in the field."

Fully Functional
TopClass Mobile provides the same rich e-Learning experience as TopClass itself. Mobile is the only e-Learning product of its type to incorporate searching, adaptive learning, assessments, multi-lingual capability and have an identical user interface to the online product. All of these features are critical to provide a rounded and successful learning environment.

Searching provides the learner with the ability to mine the locally accessible knowledgebase to facilitate learning at the point of need. Adaptive learning provides more remedial material where necessary and removes material the learner already understands - thereby increasing efficiency and learner satisfaction. Assessments with complete functionality are critical in a disconnected mode as they provide full, explanatory feedback on learner"s answers.

TopClass Mobile also has exactly the same user interface as TopClass and is accessed through a browser in exactly the same way, which means learners do not have to learn a new way of working.

Easy to Use
TopClass Mobile is a simple 1 click installation and was designed with the intention that a non-technical learner could install the product on their own laptop in a few seconds. Courses are made available for download from the server by the merely accessing a link, again, making it very simple to use.

Once a course is completed (or partially completed) and the learner is re-connected to the network, they can re-synchronise their results with the server with the click of a button.

Typical examples of uses for TopClass Mobile are:

Sales professionals who must learn when travelling - thereby learning when they need the information, where they need it - in the field, with their customers.

Staff that want to work at home but have a slow internet connection - Mobile ensures that learners can still access rich multimedia content even if they only have access to a slow dial-up connection, by allowing them to download it when they are in the office.

Professionals that often work off site - Mobile allows then to learn on the road and even use Mobile"s search facility to mine information in their courseware for use as an EPSS (Electronic Performance Support System.)

About WBT Systems
WBT Systems provides proven e-Learning solutions to rapidly create, deploy, and manage on-line learning. The company"s TopClass e-Learning Suite™ is a robust web-based training platform with over a million users worldwide across organizations such as Dow Chemical, Nokia, Belgacom, US Department of Defence, Credit Suisse, and Liberty Group. The TopClass® product suite enables organisations to easily convert existing content and rapidly deploy to the web to maximize re-usability and deliver a measurable return on investment. WBT Systems is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. For more information about WBT Systems please visit

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