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Exploratory 3D Learning

[E-Learning Punk] Exploratory 3D Learning
E-Learning Punk

Exploratory 3D Learning

Spatial depth brings profound changes to the world of professional development

The science fiction epic "Avatar" from 2009 is still considered the most successful 3D film of all time. "Titanic" director James Cameron immerses the viewer in a strange, magnificent world full of beauty and, at the same time, grave danger. While cinema-goers still had to wear 3D glasses for Avatar, it is now possible to get the same effect without them. Professional development content can also benefit from spatially compelling images. That's why the imc 3D Map content format is currently so popular with imc clients. What is 3D Map? We've taken a look at it.
3D experience

Digital 3D professional development

Exploratory learning with 3D Map – it might look something like this in James Cameron's world: The learner opens a spatially dynamic map of Pandora's Earth-like yet alien lunar landscape. He can go to different regions of Pandora and zoom in to get acquainted with the life and culture of the natives. He meets the beautiful Nav'vi woman Neytiri, chats with her and supports her in the battle that will decide the fate of the planet and its inhabitants. What makes this learning scenario so special – apart from lots of fiction?
First of all, learning in this visually engaging environment is interactive. The learner can interact with objects and beings, such as the Nav'vi woman Neytiri, in the 3D world. As a guide or a kind of personal assistant, Neytiri assists the learner with tips and tricks. Moreover, learning becomes an exploratory process. In other words, there is very little that is pre-structured. The learner is free to decide where to navigate next. While actively exploring the virtual space, learners have to independently work out a solution to the problem to the extent possible – in this case, to save the planet. And they experience the consequences of their plan: Salvation or Pandora's downfall? Drama, baby, Drama!

Maximum educational value x3

3D learning comes with a number of advantages. Recall of the course content is particularly high and therefore gives a boost to the effectiveness of the training courses. This is due to the following 3D Map features described using the Avatar example:
  • Interactive and exploratory learning in virtual space
  • Independent exploration of a visually appealing world
  • Experiencing the immediate consequences of actions
Other current trend formats, for example learning videos, quizzes or chatbots, can also be easily integrated into the 3D map in the form of learning nuggets without the learner having to leave the exotic fantasy world. Mixed reality in the form of Augmented Reality (AR) spots on the Pandora map and gamification elements such as points and badges provide a particularly deep immersion into the learning experience.
And at this point, a word about the technology of the imc 3D Map: It is SCORM compatible, so it can be easily integrated into any learning platform. It is also mobile-friendly for maximum flexibility.

Application scenarios for 3D Learning x3

Science fiction is not the only source of potential learning scenarios. We would like to introduce you to some less surreal uses for Exploratory 3D Learning below.
Application Scenarios: Onboarding


In large corporations, a 3D map can provide initial orientation to the various corporate divisions which are displayed on a kind of city map, for example.

Application Scenarios: Product training

Product training

A 3D map makes it possible to vividly present products and services to clients, partners and employees in virtual showrooms – and not only during lockdown. AR spots make the integration of virtual and physical worlds turn out particularly well.

Application Scenarios: Security training

Security training

3D Map supports efficient training for appropriate behaviour in crisis scenarios such as a fire in the building.

imc 3D Map

Another concrete example for the use of the imc 3D Map is a virtual world called "Moto City".

imc 3D Map

Another concrete example for the use of the imc 3D Map is a virtual world called "Moto City".

imc 3D Map

Another concrete example for the use of the imc 3D Map is a virtual world called "Moto City".

imc 3D Map

Another concrete example for the use of the imc 3D Map is a virtual world called "Moto City".

imc 3D Map

Another concrete example for the use of the imc 3D Map is a virtual world called "Moto City".

"Moto City" is a virtual world specially created for a motorcycle manufacturer. The 3D Map shows a small town with offices, apartments, a showroom and a convention centre. The learner explores the latest motorcycle models and helps prepare for a large upcoming motorcycle convention in the city.
During an internal BarCamp, imc's new content format, "Moto City" and other examples were presented in more detail, not by Avatar director James Cameron, but by imc Sales Manager Nick Spielkamp. The following sketchnote summarises the results of the session and therefore, all the important facts about 3D Learning:
Sketchnote 3D Learning
The trends of the education rebellion

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